Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy – What Is This?

This is where explains how we will collect information from you (for example your name and address), how we store it and use it. It is a way of safeguarding you and your personal information. Please make sure you read through this policy with your parent(s)/guardian(s), and ask them to discuss it with you. It is important you understand this policy.

How we will protect you at

We want to protect your personal information and safeguard you. YUUworld is owned by a company named Kill Jellie Ltd (incorporated in England registration 07258580). We are committed to providing a fun and safe website for people of all ages to use, and we will protect any information you supply to us under this Privacy Policy.

Our Promise To You

YUUworld promise to look after and control any information that you provide us. Whether it is your personal information (such as your name or address) or other non-personal information (such as comments, views, nicknames or information about your pets). We also promise to safeguard other information such as your computer’s address (know as IP address). Remember to always check with your parent(s)/guardian(s) when giving out any personal or non-personal information – get them to spend time online with you – it could be fun! The information you provide may be used for marketing and research; to provide and personalise for you; and to send newsletters and other information about YUU, and YUU special offers. It is your choice whether you’d like to receive these marketing materials or not, and you can change your mind at any time by contacting YUUworld by email. If you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) do not agree with this policy, you should not supply us with any personal information.

When will we want Personal Information from You?

Apart from when an Adult enters their details to order and purchase a YUU product (see below), YUUworld will only require your details when you register your YUUnique number for member ship of YUUclub.

What information will we want – registering at YUUclub?

Your name and an email address your parent/guardian can activate your member ship with.

Remember, if you are under 18 you must ALWAYS get your parents permission before contacting or interacting with or other websites. Whether it’s giving information, sending information or anything into anywhere – online or by post – check with your parents. Be protected, be safe!

We Will Be Checking That You Are Telling Your Parents

YUUworld will check to make sure that your parents are happy for you to provide your personal information, and will therefore request your parents name and email when you become a member of the YUU Club. YUUworld may also carry out checks to ensure that the contact details that you have provided for your parents are the correct detail – so no cheating ‘YUU monkeys’!

What information will we want – purchasing at YUUworld

During the payment process we will require standard information to complete the purchase.

Please note the purchaser must be aged 18 or over. We will require the purchaser‘s full name, billing address of their credit/debit card, telephone number and email address to complete the order. If the order is to be shipped to an alternative address we will require this too.

Financial Information

When ordering we will need to take information for payment from your parent(s)/guardian(s). We will need full name, email address, credit card billing information including mailing address. This information is not stored by YUUworld, and instead, is collected and stored by our secured payments processor to process payments made to YUUworld only. Our secured payment processor maintains the confidentiality and security of the personal information it obtains from YUUworld website.

Our Promise To Your Parents

We will not email you or your parent/guardian unless they have consent has been given. YUUworld will give you or your parent/guardian the chance to refuse any marketing emails from us or any other associated company in the future.

IP Addresses and Cookies – What Are These?

No – unfortunately you cannot eat these! They are small files of data that are downloaded onto to your computer when you visit a website. They allow websites, such as to remember your activity on that website, and the number of times you have visited. YUUworld collects information through this technology to make our website more interesting and useful to you. For instance, when you come to YUUworld through your computer, we collect your IP address, and how often you visit.

Links To Other Websites

You may sometimes be directed from YUUworld to another website by clicking on a banner or a link. YUUworld cannot be responsible for, or control the content on another party’s website, and you will need to check their privacy policy.

Who can I contact?

If you or your parent(s)/guardian(s) wish to discuss with YUUworld how any information is used, or to remove any of your information from our records, or update your details, please email us at

Other Legal Information will not be liable to you and/or your parent(s)/guardian(s) for any loss or damage however it was caused (including without limitation in contract, tort, or statutory duty) in connection with this privacy policy and/or collection and use of your information by YUUworld, other than death or personal injury caused by YUUworld (and or its employees) negligence.

YUUworld shall comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 (or any successive legislation which may come into effect from time to time).

This policy is governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and if there are any disputes the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction.). We are committed to providing a fun and safe website for people of all ages to use, and we will protect any information you supply to us under this Privacy Policy.