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YUUbags are bursting with even MORE FUN with this exclusive limited edition bundle

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Personalisation meets pop-up play with this fun YUUbag bundle which is bursting with EVEN MORE FUN!  Save 20% with this exclusive limited edition offer and give multiple gifts in one!


✔  Award-winning activity backpack – take the fun wherever YUU go!

✔ Over 200 re-usable stickers – design your own YUUbag

 MEGA BUNDLE offer – includes playing cards, notebook, bendy pen, key fob and fun spikey ball

✔ Fold down desk – perfect for on-the-go play

✔ Multiple pockets and compartments (including a secret one…sssshhh) – room for all their kit and caboodle

✔ Funpack featuring activities, stationary and much more!

✔ Travel friendly design – attaches to car seats and cabin-sized

✔ Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and support

Perfect for holidays, days out, school and sleepovers. Simply unzip the fun for hours of entertainment for kids (and peace and quiet for YUU!)

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Superior Storage

  • 12 pockets and compartments are brilliantly incorporated into a YUUbag meaning there’s a handy place for all their favourite things from stationary to books, games and devices and much more
  • There’s even a secret compartment for keeping something special hidden….ssshhh, don’t tell anyone!
  • With it’s 26 litre capacity the YUUbag is very roomy making it ideal for longer trips and holidays

Grab ‘n’ go fun

  • FREE YUUfun pack containing a YUUdoodle activity pad, dry wipe board and re-writable marker pen, colour pencils and a desk card to personalise
  • Fold-down desk allows kids to draw, write and play games when on the move keeping boredom at bay
  • There’s a cleverly integrated whistle in the chest strap which is ideal for games in the park as well as ensuring the bag is correctly worn

Protective ergonomic design

  • The EVA foam shell allows for even weight distribution and maximum support for young, growing spines. The shell also benefits from of a foam support panel on the rear to allow the YUUbag to sit securely.
  • The foam back panel allows the bag to sit securely and evenly
  • Adjustable shoulder straps ensure the bag is correctly sized and positioned just for YUU
  • Wide and padded straps help fit the YUUbag securely and comfortably providing good support for your child’s back
  • Chest fastening to ensure bag is worn to aid even weight distribution

Inbuilt safety

  • Reflectivity on both the front and the back of the bag ensure enhanced nighttime visibility
  • The integrated whistle provides an extra safety feature for drawing attention

Travel friendly

  • The YUUbag is designed to fit in aeroplane cabins meaning the fun doesn’t need to stop on those long journeys*
  • The chest straps can also fasten to car seats providing on-the-go entertainment in the car
  • The ridged base means the YUUbag stands independently helping to keep everything neatly stored
  • The grab-and-go handle makes leaving the house a breeze!

Quality Guarantee

  • High quality, durable and reliable bags designed to last.
  • Tested to ensure superior performance with each function undergoing rigorous lab testing pre and post manufacture. The highest standards of quality are as important to us as they are to our customers.
* airline hand luggage allowances can vary so we recommend checking with your airline before you fly


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