Ergonomically designed for YUU and your back

Sturdy construction
Wide padded adjustable straps
Moulded foam exterior
Supportive chest strap
Padded foam back support

One of the main features that sets a YUUbag aside from an ‘ordinary backpack’ is the special ergonomic design. The team at YUU are passionate about promoting good posture, and as a result healthier spines.


We work with BackCare – the UK’s charity for healthier backs – and with their advice and guidance our YUUdesigners have been able to ensure our YUUbags address the key issues with backpacks and posture:

  • The carrying of heavier loads
  • Spinal support
  • Use of bags on one shoulder

Did you know… In a National Back Pain Association study, it emerged that 80% of children are carrying badly designed bags or carrying them incorrectly, often on one shoulder

Did you know… that according to the charity BackCare, up to 50%of children have developed some form of back pain by age 14?

Designed to minimise weight carried

BackCare point out that in many countries there are weight guidelines for the maximum weight children should carry in their backpacks. Typically this is a maximum of 10-15% of the child’s body weight. In the UK and Ireland there are no such guidelines in force. But our YUUdesigners have worked to produce an ergonomically designed backpack made from EVA foam that is lightweight, as well as durable and stylish. When a YUUbag is packed with a YUUfun pack and typical YUUstuff items the total weight falls within the guideline used in many other countries of around 10-15% of a child’s bodyweight.


Designed for maximum spinal support

YUUbags are designed with an padded foam back panel. This provides support and padding to the spine, and ensures that the YUUbag sits correctly on the back with weight evenly distributed. The straps for YUUbag are wide and provide support where needed, avoiding undue strain on the neck. Further spinal support is added with the provision of a chest strap – which contains a hidden whistle that can be blown when the backpack and chest strap are correctly fastened.

Designed for correct wear

To promote good posture YUUdesigners have designed the YUUbag so that it is at its most comfortable for kids when worn correctly on both shoulders. Included with a YUUbag, onthe removable label, are illustrations for kids and grown ups on how to wear it correctly

Top Tips for Better Backs…

With so many children experiencing back pain it’s important that we’re all back aware. With the help of physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths we’ve developed these simple tips to encourage small lifestyle changes that will make a big difference.

  • Use a backpack-style school bag that’s ergonomically designed and made of light-weight compressed foam with wide padded and adjustable straps
  •  Remind them to wear their backpack properly over both shoulders
  • Ensure your child is not carrying too much in their school bags – a weekly clear out will help them organise their books for the week ahead
  • Make sure you check the weight of the bag – it shouldn’t weigh more than 10% of their bodyweight e.g. if your child weighs five stone their bag should not weigh more than 3.1kg
  • Encourage good posture – at school and home
  • Children come in many shapes and sizes, but school desks and chairs do not – ensure your child is sitting properly and comfortably at school
  • Keep mobile – don’t let your child sit, study or use the computer for longer than 40 minutes at a time and encourage them to get out and about with regular exercise
  • Ensure your child wears good footwear
  • Finally, make sure your children let you know as soon as they experience back pain